It’s the holiday season that means that I get to get my shop on. So when I was at the mall, of course, I would catch the eye of some handsome guy who thought he could get right in my panties. Boy, did he not know what he had it in for, this beautiful blonde takes a lot of work. Lucky for him I was feeling a bit in the mood for festive nature, ass worship was what was on my mind. So what I did was go ahead and invite him back to my place, see if he was up for Rolling In The Sheets.

Of course, he was, but let’s see how good he was it for play. He couldn’t take his eyes off my ass to save his life. So the two of us took to the shower where I thought I’d get him to get right between these beautiful ass cheeks. He was needing to worship nice sexy rub and anyway that he could. He just didn’t know it yet. So with my hands against the steamy shower and water rolling down my sexy body, he caved and sandwiches his face between my beautiful lovely ass cheeks.

Ass Worship for the Holidays

I didn’t stop in the shower either. On all fours, his nose and Tiny split up between my ass cheeks. He groans and moans his cock throbbing and getting harder I could hear him talking on it. It was cute to see how anxious he was to put it inside of me. Telling me I have a perfect ass that he had ever put his face on. He whimpered and whined as if he was my pet. Begging to fuck me in the ass. I couldn’t help but laugh rubbing my ass cheeks all over his face cutting his chin and my sweet juices. However he was good enough, so I decided to let him suck me till he fills me with every last drop of his load.


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