Ass Worship with Goddess

So there he was, exactly where I had left him.  Sitting on his heels with his hands tied behind his back, anxious for my return.   The mere sight of my luscious ass  above my thigh highs was nearly enough to bring my dirty ass licker to climax.  He knew better though, and I could see the desperation in his eyes.  That look was what I loved best about him.

My seven inch heels clicking on the hard wood floor,  my hips hypnotically swaying back and forth, I walked slowly around him.  I must admit I do enjoy the slow build up of anticipation.  Love the way he licked his lips and I could only imagine the thoughts running through his filthy mind.  I ran my nails through his hair, gently pressing his cheek on the soft flesh of my ass.  Hearing him gasp just touching my ass to his face made me smirk.

I stood over him, still holding his head still by his hair, as I looked into his eyes.

 He had a way of begging me for more without even saying a word.  With just a nod I gave him permission for a little taste.  His lips met my skin with a moan as he tenderly kissed my ass.  He inhaled the smell of my ass deeply, thoroughly relishing in the moment he had long been hoping for.  I felt his warm tongue softly lick my skin as I directed his head closer towards the crack of my ass.  His whimpers were enough to make my cold heart melt for just a minute.

  With his lips still firmly pressed on my skin, I straddled his knees.  My legs were spread enough for him to slide his tongue between my juicy ass cheeks without entering me.  His moaning vibrated though my body making my pussy tingle.  I knew if I let out a sound he would explode all over himself in a second.   My moan did the trick as his balls twitched releasing his cum all over his lap.  Giggling,  I patted his head and left him there once again.  He is such a fun little fuck toy!

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