Ass Worship Fetish – HAPPY THANKSGIVING – Stuff My Ass with Your Tongue.  My ass is the perfect 7-course meal for you to devour any day of the year.  Perfect Sweetheart ass to complete your Ass Worship Fetish needs.

The perfect ass is what I’ve been told by many men! (Wicked LiL Laugh) I’ve always used my perfect round sweetheart ass to my advantage. Would you ever pass up an opportunity to lick or fuck an ass as beautiful as mine? Never!!! Would you like me to complete your Thanksgiving meal with my butterball ass?  You would be a fool to pass up taking advantage of this masterpiece of an ass. I’m here to satisfy your Ass Worship Fetish….come play.

Ordinarily Frank loved being in charge.   This Thanksgiving would be different.   I would be his main course and he would satisfy me in every way.  Also, he knew a good thing and would never want to give that up. My soft smooth endless curves would give him endless hours of pure entertainment. He craved the need to ass worship my every inch with his hands, tongue, and cock. He would do anything to be beneath me.

Slowly lowering my pussy and ass onto his face. His face was my throne. I was the queen of his world, as he parted my ass cheeks and licked every inch. As a rule, I couldn’t resist teasing him at first. He couldn’t breathe for a moment, as my ass intoxicated him. The smell and taste of my ass took over his every being. Frank couldn’t resist, as he gave himself over to me. I owned him and he knew this.

So then I couldn’t resist using my ultimate power of tease and denial, as he kept begging for more. Frank couldn’t help himself, as he gave into me effortlessly. The lights would soon diminish, as I placed my ass upon his face. I could hear the muffled sounds of begging and pleading for more. This was all about my and his hunger to satisfy me. He couldn’t help himself, as his tongue swirled around my tight balloon knot and deep into my sexy black hole of paradise. Likewise, I couldn’t help myself, as I grind down harder and felt his nose against my crack. Smothering him, as I rubbed my ass effortlessly across Frank’s fac

Afterall ass worship only intensified, as I moved up and down his face. Painting his face with my warm wet juices, as I exploded over and over. Effortlessly I lifted my ass from his face, as he gasped for air. Moreover, his face was like a perfect glazed donut covered in sugar. Nevertheless, my sweet sugar would be a Thanksgiving dessert he would never forget.

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Ass Worship Fetish