A True Story About Ass Worship, Pegging & Sexy Fuck Me Pumps

Oh yes, this is a TRUE story about ass worship, pegging and sexy fuck me pumps. For those of you who don’t know, fuck me pumps are high heels; the higher the better! So anyway, I know this guy he calls me and he reads my blogs, so I will call him Fred. Fred is an ordinary pervert, with an extraordinary imagination and sex drive. Fred can fuck and fuck and fuck, like the mother fuckin energizer bunny. But that ‘s not the best part, not only can Fred dish it out, but this faggot can take it too.

Fred has this thing about ass worship, pegging, and heels. Not only does he love to be fucked with my strap-on, but he loves to be fucked by my heels as well. Yup, you read right. I take the heel of my fuck me pumps, lube it up and savagely fuck that tight little man pussy of his. I make him my bitch and he loves every single minute of it. Remember how I said, the higher the better? Well you see, that’s exactly right. The high my fuck me pump, the deeper inside of my bitch I can go.

My naughty boy Fred can hang with men half of his age.

He’s strong, he energetic and he can take the brutal poundings I give him and then some. Sometimes, after I am done fucking him. He likes to suck on the heel of one of my fuck me pumps like it’s a cock. Oh yes, he’s a good little cock sucker too. So, while I am gagging him with the heel of my pump, I am fucking him in the ass with my dildo and he loves it. Can’t get enough! I shove that fucking heel in his throat so fucking hard, he literally gags. It’s great!

To say that Fred isn’t a freak in the sheets is to say that we don’t need H2O to survive. Anyway, as I was saying. Once I’ve had my fill of raping and pegging him, ALL of his holes I might add, then it’s my hurt to be pleasured. No one and I means no one loves my asshole more than he does. He loves ass worship and I love to let him worship my ass. It’s a win, win situation for the both of us. He licks my tight little-puckered star as if he’s making love to it with his entire mouth. Fuck, I think he gets too without even touching himself. He gives me nice licks right up through my crack and all the way up to my pussy. FUCK, it feels so good. I simply cannot get enough.

My absolute favorite part of my time with Fred is what he does while I am cumming.

Well, let me rephrase. My favorite part of our entire encounter is what he does while we’re cumming. Fred isn’t allowed to enter my pussy, he isn’t good enough and I simply will deny him. However, he has managed to find a loop-hole of sorts and while I am cumming and cumming hard, Fred is busy simultaneously cumming too and it’s nothing short of epic. Why don’t you give me a call and I can tell you in very graphic detail precisely what he does and how I react to it. While we’re at it, I will peg you too and milk that lovely prostate of yours!

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