Ass Worship on the Bike Trail

I love to reward my bitch boys for good behavior with some ass worship.  Going on little outings is just one of the ways I show them how much I appreciate them.  This time I decided to give my ass worshiper a real treat.  Nothing like watching my ass bounce up and down on a bike seat!

I usually let him go to the gym with me.  He loves leaning up against the wall and watching me take my spin class.  He is such a fucking pervert and his rock hard erection is impossible for him to hide.  If he likes watching me in the gym, I knew he would LOVE to watch me alone in the woods.

I wore my favorite denim mini skirt and his favorite white lace panties.   As my bike bounced and bumped along the trail, I could feel my skirt riding up, exposing my juicy ass.  I looked behind me just in time to catch him licking his lips.  It was a hot day and we were both in need of a little break.

I pulled off the trail gave a smile.  I got off the bike and ordered him to lick and suck the seat clean.  He was so eager to taste my sweaty ass.  He closed his eyes and savored the taste.  When he was done with the seat he what was next.  He crawled to me, pressing his face into my butt.  He inhaled deeply and I felt his tongue desperately trying to press through the lace on my panties.

This was only a tiny treat though.  He knew better than to think he would get much farther.  Sucking my dirty panties clean was the highlight of the trip!  He is the best at ass worship!

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