Ass Worship: I want you To Worship My Ass Now!

I love Ass worship! I have a nice round ass that loves your special attention. Love you to manhandle my ass. You don’t have to be gentle. You can be as rough as you want.  There is nothing like the sensation of someone grabbing my ass cheeks and spreading them wide apart. I wonder what are you going to do next? I don’t care what you do as long as you Worship My Ass.


When I get down on the ground on my hands and knees like a little bitch ass dog and raise my ass up in the air and shake it from side to side that is my way of letting you know that I want you to take control of my ass. I want you to grab it with both hands and squeeze my ass cheeks and finger my hole and slide it deep inside. Oh baby, is that your tongue? Are you actually swirling your slippery wet tongue around the crack of my ass? Oh yes, you are. And now you are making me feel the things that I want to feel. You are truly worshiping my ass and I LOVE it.

I love the feel of your tongue sliding back and forth and tongue fucking my ass.

You know how to make my nipples hard by worshiping and licking my ass. You know how to make me scream. Just fondle my ass. You know how to make me beg for more. It all starts with my ass. I want to feel you lick it and suck it and spank it and finger it and smell and spit in it to get it nice and wet and juicy so you can ram that fat cock of yours deep inside. You know what I want baby. You know I want you to WORSHIP MY ASS.

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