Ass-spinner for hire!  You could here the pimps from all the way down the street calling for customers early in the mornings.  That’s what a summer in Amsterdam will do for you. Haha.  Ultimately, don’t we ALL have cravings we STILL NEED to satisfy?  My favorite is being an Ass-Spinner for Hire!  It started when I was a young teen, fucking everything moving! I was petite and shorter than now, so it was super easy to twirl me all over a huge cock!

As a college coed, I paid bills with the skills I employed.  I was the hit of the local frat parties because I was an easy lay.  Did I say, “WAS”?  I still am.  Easy that is.  There are few things better than getting PAID to do what you love. So, having men offer CA$H just to spin me on their cocks?  Oh, HELL Yes!  I’m definitely IN!  The men would even send limos to pick me up and drop me back off.  Nothing to lose in those deals, right?

Ultimately, I needed to start thinking outside the box. So, I set up shop right after graduation. I rented a GLAMOROUS penthouse apartment that cost a small fortune.  But, in most cases, you’ve got spend money to make money! Right?  The best course of action would be to have a lavish spot to ENTERTAIN my clients.  And of course, a HUGE bed was a MUST!

Once everything was set up and furnished the fun could begin!  My clients booked time in one-hour increments, so there was a steady flow throughout the day and into the night.  Okay, so occasionally, I got more than a little dizzy. Who knew wives weren’t into doing whatever their husband might need? Well, as long as they DON’T I’ll always be in business.  And my tight little ass just ACHES for it.  I NEED a deep plunging DAILY!

Are you on my roster? Do YOU need to feel the slick, pink insides of my pucker, Baby? You should call me.  I’ll make it as real as if you were deep inside me, feeling the heat of my ass! If you’re in need of a TIGHT GRIP on your cock, you won’t find better! I’m a tiny girl, with a tighter butt! Weeeeeeee!

Ass-spinners are HARD to CUM by, so I was the only game in town.

If your Searching For  A THRILL You’ve Yet To Find…