Ass spanking hurts so good when you’re not even being bad

Ass spanking has always been a flirty sexy way of saying hello.  I love to spank people I know really well just to say hi.  I especially love birthdays. Birthdays are so special because it’s a good excuse to give multiple ass spankings. How old are you?  The older the better. wink. I wonder how this ritual came about. Did someone kinky decide that birthday spankings were a way to sneak in a little more fun in for the occasion?

Of course, those are all the acceptable times to give a good ass spanking. I had this one ex-boyfriend that would spank my ass when he was fucking me doggy style. I grew to love spanking during sex.  Love the feeling of a slight sting and the surprise pleasure of strong hand slapping and spanking my tight round ass. 

Somtimes I crave to have my ass spanked

Started to crave and even expect some sexy ass spanking when he fucked me. It would usually drive me over the edge while his big thick cock thrust deep inside of me.  Sometimes I would make a big mess and squirt all over his balls and cock. 

People who love a good ass spanking know that the combination of a bit of pain creates endorphins.  When endorphins are released into your bloodstream, the pain turns to pleasure, even if you’re just calling phone sex lines and spanking yourself. The researchers say a spanking releases endorphins, the body’s natural ‘happy chemicals’, and that leads to feelings of euphoria, a reduction of appetite, the release of sex hormones, and enhancement of the immune response, and they have a similar effect on pain as drugs such as morphine and codeine.

Who needs drugs? Spank me daddy!

What more could be we ask for?  It doesn’t have to mean we deserve to get spanked because we are bad or being naughty.  Makes me rethink the whole idea of spanking kids.  The real punishment in spanking kids, besides my belief that kids shouldn’t be hit in any way, is that it takes away the positive playful enjoyable parts of a good ass spanking for pleasure.  What a shame. So don’t spank your kids.

That aside.  Now you know that I will spank you to say hi, spank you for your birthday, and spank you when you are naughty (because you were naughty on purpose!!)  (that’s for all you panty stealers), and I will spank you when you need a good rush of endorphins.  You know I like it when you cum hard!!

Call me.  Come get your ass spankings! 

The Best Phone Sex!