Ass sniffing is well, a serious personal thing to allow a guy to do. Jack used to talk about

ass sniffing once he got comfortable with me. He would beg to take a whiff and I have to admit, the whole thing made me feel a bit dirty!

Jack often teased me when I would get home from the gym. He would ask to have a sniff when I would peel my wet panties off. Often times he would grab up my panties and take a huge sniff. I would laugh with embarrassment and tell him to knock it off.

One afternoon I had a really long day at work. I took my ass to the gym to work out all my stress. When I got home I stripped down and took my ass to the kitchen for a quick drink. Jack came up behind me and whispered how sexy I looked naked. He removed his tie and bound my wrists together.

Kissing down my back I could feel my nerves about to break. Jack pulled my ass apart and shoved his nose into my crack. I didn’t realize ass sniffing could be so erotic and feel so fucking amazing! His tongue poked at me and wetted me further. He made out with my butthole while he fingered my clit.

I found myself relaxing onto his face and letting him inhale me deeper. Jack spoke about how he enjoyed the musk of my sweaty little butthole. Jack jerked off furiously and smelled harder. I stopped caring and worrying if I smelled bad. He certainly wouldn’t be rock hard if he hated it right?

I could tell Jack was near to do. He stood up and came all over my moist butthole. The head of his cock rubbed his cum into the soft skin around my hole. Slowly he pulled up my panties and fixed them back onto me. Jack asked me to let his cum marinade on my asshole for the night.

I did it without provocation. He was amazing the next morning. Cleaned me up and sent me to work with a smile.

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