Ass Sniffing Stories: You Can Sniff Me Anytime or Anywhere!

Ass sniffing stories are definitely something that not everyone likes but I can promise you… there’s plenty here! I mean, I get calls all the time wanting to sniff my pretty little ass. So, let me just tell you a few!

I have a guy that calls me at least once a week. He LOVES sniffing my butt and can’t get enough of it. He wants me to do things like sit on leather chairs so he can smell right where I was sitting. And then of course I take off my panties and stick my finger inside and tell him that it smells like ass.

Then I lie down on the bed and he gets behind me, kisses my pretty cheeks all over, and then sticks his nose right up to my asshole and sniffs deeply. Oh yeah, I love how deep in there he can get with his nose. Sure, it’s just imagining but just think about how hot it could be if you really were here. You can definitely get off at the thought of it!

Another guy that calls is a little different.

He likes to sniff my smelly pantiesYes, you can totally buy my used panties just for your nose/mouth/cock/whatever. So, how it goes is I wear the panties for a few days non-stop and get them really smelly and then I mail them off to you! Doesn’t that sound like a good time?

The last pair I sent him smelled like my ass so much that he still is sniffing them months later! Oh yeah, I can get them to smell really good for you. And you can sniff my ass from afar but still, it would be like I was right there with you. I love selling my used panties to butt-sniffers like you!

He really loves that my panties work like that. I promise quality smelly panties for sure. Aren’t you curious now? Don’t you want to smell my ass as if I were in the same room as you? Oh, I bet you do.

And another caller likes it when I just talk about smothering him with my ass.

You heard me right. He LOVES being deprived of air and he’s just gasping for it underneath my round ass. I just either sit on his face without panties and in a skirt or with something like leather pants on. He loves not being able to breathe and I just laugh and tell him he’s not allowed to breathe until I say so.

He has ways of pretending that I am there actually sitting on his face. Yeah, he has a sex doll kind of thing of just an ass. And he likes to sit it on his face and press it against to pretend I’m on him. It really creates a realness to the story.

I love listening to him gasp and struggle for air under my ass. It’s fucking hilarious. And he loves how much I love torturing him. Because I am just so good at it.

So, whether you’re a panty sniffer, ass sniffer, or just someone who likes to pretend then I am your girl to CUM to! I promise I don’t judge very often. And when I do it’s just because you ask me to and tell me you want me to laugh at you. But, usually, I just go with the flow and let you live out your dirty fantasy.

What kind of ass sniffing stories will you come up with? If there is anything I can do to help then please, call me! I am always willing to figure it out and if I can’t then don’t you worry, I have plenty of girlfriends at PSK that know how to please you. And we really know how to party at PSK.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and dial my number to get connected with me and live out your ass sniffing stories! I can’t wait to see what you can come up with and can’t wait to talk with you. I hope to hear from you soon…

For fetish phone sex like butt-sniffing go ahead and call me!