Are you into ass sniffing?

Does it make your cock rock hard to think about a woman behind you ass sniffing? Parting your sweet ass and sticking her nose inside of it? Feeling her inhale deeply as she takes in your musky scent, pressing the tip of her nose up against your tight little pucker? Breathing you in, enjoying your essence and tasting your sweet little hole?

If you are anything like this one caller of mine, than you understand how much it can truly invigorate you to feel a woman with an amazing nose right up against your ass hole. It would wake you up even when you are at your most incapacitated.

He and I like to box. I make sure to put on something really exy, it helps me to catch him off guard. When I have a tight little sport bra on, some short shorts and matching boxing gloves he gets lost in the sight of me and I can sneak a jab in. Straight to his shnozz! I love the way it feels when my boxing glove lands on his nose, smashing it even flatter into his face, hitting him HARD.

I also love the way it looks when that first little bit of blood come streaming form his nose and splashing onto my glove. He spins around and falls back on his back, knocked out.

And so there he lies, knocked out, bleeding and totally unconscious. But I am not done with him, I want to keep playing… can you guess what will revive my boy toy?

I flip him over, pull his pants down and part those ass cheeks. I take in the sight of his cute little ass hole before I lean in and take a BIG WHIFF… YUM!


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