I love my perverts and especially this one in particular!  He’s my dirty ass sniffing pervert and he loves when I call him that! *giggles*  When I first met him he was sniffing the chair I had been sitting on at a bar.  I asked him what the fuck he was doing and he said seeing if you are wearing any panties.  Ooooh, I see, you’re a fucking perv…I like that! *smiles*

I bet you are wondering yourself if I was wearing any panties aren’t ya?

Well, it just so happens I wasn’t. *giggles*  Now, getting back to my ass sniffing pervert.  He and I hit it off that night.  He has a charisma about him I’m very attracted to.  He’s extremely sexy and his voice makes my pussy drip.  All sorts of crazy shit was going through my head and I wanted to see just how much fun I could have with this guy.  I didn’t hesitate to ask him back to my place.  Of course he jumped at the opportunity! *smiles*  As soon as we walked through my front door he said I have to smell that ass.  This turned me the fuck on!  He got down on his knees and buried his face right in my dirty ass!  He breathed in deep as I wiggled my ass all over his face.  He said I love your musky scent it makes my cock throb.  With that said, I told him he needs to fuck my ass and get that dick dirty with my sweet ass juices.  He bent me over the couch and licked me from hole to hole while he fingered my puckered asshole….god I love that shit!  Fuck that ass baby…stretch me open with that huge cock!

Mmmmm….watch that cock slide in and out getting dirty with my sweet ass juices!  Can you smell that musky smell my dirty ass sniffing perv?! Yes! Fuck! I’m gonna eat that gaping shit hole! Sit that ass on my face baby.  Sitting my freshly fucked ass right on his nose wiggling my dirty dripping asshole all over his face, feeling him tongue fucking my ass made me squirt so hard! *smiles*  That’s when he told me to put my sweaty feet on his face while he jerked his cock for me.  Tell me what a pervert I am baby!  You’re such a dirty perv now paint my toes white with that sticky seed baby!  Tee hee…yeah I know I’m a fucking pervert too and I love it! *smiles*



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