You Are Nothing But An Ass Sniffing Pervert

Have you ever walked behind a sexy girl and just couldn’t take your eyes off of her behind? Ever thought about pressing your nose in between her bum cheeks and just taking deep breaths into her panties? If you have, let me tell you that you must just be nothing but an ass sniffing pervert. Nothing against you, in fact, I kind of love that feeling of a face buried in my behind. Makes me all sorts of wet, too!

Can you imagine that? You are home alone and I come over. I wouldn’t even really dress up much, I don’t need to. Everything is coming off but the panties, right? After taking off all my clothes I’ll bend over and order you to get on your knees. I want you to kiss the back of my thighs as you get closer to my perfect round bum. I know exactly what you want but you have to be very, very patient. As I spread my ass cheeks, still in my panties I tell you that I want your face in between them. Press your nose right here, I say. You won’t regret it.

Breath through the thin lace fabric of my panties. I want you to sniff my ass and tight young pussy. Run your nose up and down till I just push your face in further in my ass. Yummy, this way I am smothering you. But you don’t mind it, do you? All you care about is getting a good whiff of my butthole. I don’t blame you, it is the yummiest thing you’ve ever sniffed. Isn’t it?

After? Well after it’s all you. I am just your ass play phone sex princess sent from above to satisfy your nasty little cravings!

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