Ass Raped In The Shower!

My favorite part about going to the gym is the nice long shower that I take afterwards. I was working out late one night, alone in the gym, when I decided to go take a shower. I was standing in the hot water relaxing all my sore muscles especially my ass from all those squats, when I felt as if someone was watching me. I turned quickly only to get water and soap in my eyes.

I quickly scrambled to wash the soap out of my eyes when I felt his hands. They were wrapped around my mouth as well as my breast. I started to grab at him when he pushed me against the wall. I was panicking but moving out of his arms was difficult because of how slippery my skin was.

I felt his hard cock push against my ass crack, prying for entry into me. I was struggling to keep him out but I was slowly failing. He thrusted his cock straight into my pucker hole as he slammed me even harder against the shower wall. The soap in my eyes stopped hurting now that he was completely ripping me a new one.

I was screaming against his hand starting to cry now. This is when he turned me around and I saw his face for the first time. It was my ex boyfriend! What the fuck is his problem?!?! He slammed me against the floor, right on my ass, as he mounted me and fucked me like crazy. He pounded until my whole body ached for no more. That is when he came inside of me. He got off of me and left me lying there, naked, still in the shower, and completely ravished.

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