I was out shopping and realized I needed a new bikini.   I decide to try out a new bikini shop at the mall.  There were so many to choose from so I grabbed a few of my favorite choices and headed to the dressing room.  The sales clerk was very helpful and stood outside the fitting room, taking items or helping me with the ties.

I modeled each bikini for her to get her honest opinion.  She raved about each one of them and watched as I turned and looked at myself from every angle in front of the big mirror.

“You know, you have a really great ass.” She told me.  “There is a really hot thong bikini that I think would look beautiful on you.  Do you mind if I grab it?”

“Not at all.”  I replied, turning in front of the mirror to evaluate a hot pink bikini.

She came back with the bikini and I tried it on.  She was right.  My ass did look pretty wonderful in it.  It had such a tiny front, barely a triangle covering my pussy and the bra was also a couple of triangles barely covering my tits at all.

“I’m practically naked!” I laughed.

“Yes, but you look really, really beautiful.” she purred.  There was something about her voice that made me look at her.  She was staring at my ass with a lusty look on her face and she put her hand over her chest.  “My god, you are stunning.” she exclaimed.

I took a good look at her.  She was a bit boyish looking, with short hair, she wore no make up but she definitely had a lovely face.  She was wearing a T-shirt and jeans and I saw that she had a nice set of tits and her ass looked tight and perky as well.  I smiled at her and returned my gaze to the mirror.  “I might take this.”  I said.

“You should!”  she said, nodding her head enthusiastically.

“Will you help me out of it?” I asked.  I took her hand and led her into the dressing room and turned my back to her.  I put my hands on the wall of the fitting room and looking back at her, I leaned forward, sticking my ass out at her.  She sighed loudly as she realized what I wanted and dropped to her knees immediately.  Her hands quickly undid the strings on the bottom and it dropped to the floor.

I felt her fingers slowly and gently probing my ass and she squeezed my ass cheeks and began kissing them with her lips.  She eventually began licking my ass and pushing her tongue against my ass hole.  She was very good at this and I moved my ass up and down as I enjoyed the feel of her tongue.  She quietly moaned into my brown hole and started to suck on it as her hand wandered to my front and began fingering my very wet pussy.  As she fingered my cunt, I rubbed my clit.  She kept pressing her tongue inside my ass and I heard the sound of her own wetness as she started to rub herself as well.

After a minute, we orgasmed, quietly as there were other customers in the fitting room.  She stood up and turned me around, grabbed my arms and spread them out and flattened me against the wall of the dressing room. She kissed me deeply and pushed her body against mine.  I let her kiss me for a few minutes, before I gently pushed her away and told her I had to get going.

She rang me up, giving me a pretty great discount and I promised her I’d be back soon.  I can’t wear that bikini without remembering how good that tongue felt wagging against my ass.  And I am also a very regular customer there too!

I love ass play, giving and receiving.  Let’s rim each other good  and see who cums first!

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