My Ass Obsessed Boyfriend

“I just want more of your sweet ass, baby! Please, baby, please,” my ass obsessed boyfriend pleaded with me.

Just when I thought I had satisfied my boyfriend enough, he is begging for more! We had just started this new thing of him fucking my ass, and who knew how much pleasure it gave me.

Fingering My Asshole

It all started when he was talking about fingering my asshole….this was new, I thought….but okay…I was into whatever he was, so I let him do it…I really just wanted to please him in the end…

He started fingering my ass, then he asked if he could lick my asshole…that REALLY turned me on, I couldn’t believe how good it felt!! Plus, the whole idea of touching and licking something so taboo was foreign to me! That made it that much more exciting!

It wasn’t long after that he was pushing his big cock into my ass crack, and I knew what he wanted. He began making my tiny, little asshole bigger with his finger, then he brought home an ass dildo! Soon after using the dildo on me, I was loving it more and more! The sensation of pleasure I felt was unbelievable, making my pussy so wet and craving more of his cock.

Finally, it happened.

He fucked my ass with his cock, so slowly and tenderly, I made him intermittently pull his cock out so he could lick my asshole to increase my pleasure. My ass obsessed boyfriend went crazy for my ass!

“Oh my god, baby, this is so fucking hot! I can’t believe you’re finally letting me fuck your sweet ass” he moaned. “See what you’ve been missing all this time, baby?”

I did see, and I couldn’t believe all those years of boyfriends’ trying to fuck my ass, and now I realized what all the fuss about! Yes, it was fucking hot! And I loved every second of it!

Now I began craving this amazing sensation, and begging him to fuck my ass! Pussy cums are one thing, but there is no way to describe the intense pleasure I got from my ass cums. And, I was also very happy knowing how happy this made him.

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