Ass Licking Sara and she will cum hard.

Ass Licking makes me so fucking crazy. I now make guys who want to fuck me lick my ass first. I found out I have an ass licking fetish when I let a guy explore my whole body. A dude named Duane was after me for a while. After months of him giving me gifts and booze, I finally decided to let him fuck me. He was obsessed with my body. He slowly took off my heels, my stockings and then my dress. I admired his style.

He treated me like a fragile goddess, as he started to kiss my toes to my thighs. He undressed me and kissed every part of my body. He looked like a hungry dog as he got closer to my pussy. Before Duane took off my panties, he told me to get on my stomach, then he pulled down my panties and admired my big ass. He spanked and massaged my ass cheeks. He then separated them and was silent as he gazed at my asshole. “Oh Sam, I am going to make you so happy!”

Before I could say anything, he plunged his face between my ass cheeks. I felt his nose and then his lips against the edge of my asshole. I wondered, he is not really going in, is he?

He licked the rim of my asshole first. It felt so good. I felt his fingers exploring my pussy as he put his tongue inside my asshole. He moved it slowly in and out. I held my breath for a moment and then I relaxed and let the feeling take over. This guy had a gift. I came multiple times and even squirted that night.

Do you want to make me crazy?