Ass Licking Lover

There is nothing like the sensation when a wet tongue is circling the rim of your asshole. Ass licking has become a big turn on for me. I’ve dated and fucked all kinds of people whether men or women so I am totally into oral sex and getting fucked in my big ass is also a turn on but it took a real freak to turn me on to the pleasures of getting my asshole licked and sucked. He would worship my ass rather than punish my ass. This guy begged me to sit on his face and smother him so I did. He loved it. He got a “woody” when a leaned back and swallowed his face with my butt cheeks.

OMG Felt so good!

What happened next surprised me. His tongue was doing a sexy snake dance around my rim of my ass. It made me move in a new way. I kept grinding my ass to feel his tongue go deeper. And deeper it went. I could feel him circling his tongue deep inside my ass and when I farted on his face some of his pre-cum seeped out. He liked to combine ass licking with finger fucking and I must admit that the combination made my pussy squirt. He said, “Genie, I want to eat your sweet shit and drink your pee. Please feed my hunger.”

Now, I’ve given a golden shower or two in my day so I leaned back and peed in his mouth. He drank it up. Then I leaned forward while still smothering his face and shit in his mouth. He ate it up and proceeded to clean me up with his long wet tongue. This guy loved Ass Licking so much I started calling him Sir-Rim-A-Lot.


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