My Ass Got Me The Job I Really Needed

I love to use my ass to get what I want! Before I started working the phone sex lines I was applying all over for any job I could get. I applied to offices, restaurants, and retail stores. No one was hiring. I was doing anything I could to get a job, even throwing out a few of my really good qualities…if you know what I mean. 😉

I walked into a department store and asked for an application, I filled it out and the clerk called up the manager. At first he just looked it over quickly and told her they are not hiring. But then he got a glance at me and asked the clerk if this was the person applying. She nodded and he walked up to me.

“Hi, uh, Regina?” He said.

“Yes, thats me!” I said with a big smile on my face.

He asked me if I had time for a one on one interview and of course I told him yes. He took me to the back room and asked me to have a seat. He started to ask me the normal questions at first, but then he got a bit more sexual with me. Asking me some very inappropriate questions. I smiled and answered each one. Then he walks over, gets behind me, brushes the hair away from my neck and asks me how bad do I want this job. He ran his lips down my neck as he waited for an answer. He was trying to tease me and entice me.

I let out a small gasp and whispered, “I will do whatever it takes.”

As soon as those words left my lips he grabbed me and threw me on his desk. Grabbing my face and telling me, “You work for me now, that means you must do whatever I tell you, understand?”

I nodded and stood up, he showed me out and told me to be back at 6am to start my shift. Of course I was there bright and early. It was pretty cold outside so my nipples were showing through my shirt. It looked like I was the first one there. Which was fine, but I was still dying to go inside. Then my new boss comes to the door and he lets me in. He tells me to come to the back because we still have some paperwork to fill out. So I followed him to the back. Before I could even say anything he threw me on his desk again and started to rip my clothes off. First my shirt then my panties. He ate my pussy for a good 30 min before he started to fuck me. He turned me around and stuck his dick right into my ass. I screamed and moaned. I love to have my ass fucked. He kept saying over and over that I was his now, and this will not be the last time he fucks me. He was strong and aggressive with my ass. Ending with a big creampie in my ass. Fuck, it was so hard to work because whenever he was horny he would come up behind me and just fuck any hole he wanted to. Right in the middle of the store. It was a really fun job, until something happened and I had to quit.

Want to know why I quit? Give us a call for Hot Adult Chat! 😉