It’s Time For Some Intense Ass And Foot Worship

It’s time for some intense ass and foot worship! Ben is a guy who just loves anything to do with ass and feet. It makes a nice change from all the guys who go straight for my tits and pussy. the best part was I still got fucked after he’d given me lots of attention. We started by making out and I was lying face down while he leaned over me, giving me lots of kisses and touches. I laid there as he kissed the back of my neck, going lower until he got to my ass. He hesitated and I pushed myself up on my hands and knees, shoving my ass in face. “Don’t stop now,” I told him as he gave me another kiss before sticking his tongue out. It slid down my crack, going over my hole and lapping at it. 

His tongue felt rough and I shivered as it flicked over my hole, covering it with spit. His warm hands held my cheeks, holding me open even more and I felt a puff of air as he smelled me. I pushed my ass back, shoving his nose into me. I heard him give a little moan and he held me tighter as he held his face against me. He took another big sniff then poked his tongue into my hole. He wiggled it back and forth working his way into me and the rubbing sensation on my hole made me gasp. He began tongue fucking me, pushing his tongue in and out of my hole while his spit made me all wet. It felt good and I shivered, my foot brushing against his. Ben did it or a few more minutes then stopped, his tongue sliding out of me. 

He began to move down my body, going away from my ass and down my legs.

His hands touched me, stroking my soft skin until he got to my feet and held one of them. He asked me if I was ready to continue with his ass and foot worship session! Of course, I was and he knew it! He massaged them slowly, kneading his fingers into my soul and I laid back down on my stomach. I put my head on my hands and relaxed as he moved on to just below my toes. He then held my foot up to his nose and smelled it before flicking his tongue over it. It tickled and I wiggled my toes as he licked me. My toes got his attention and he slid his tongue between two of them. It must have tasted so sweaty there and his tongue slipped back and forth as he licked me.

He did it fast but good, like a little boy licking a lollipop and his hand never stopped stroking the rest of my foot.

It was hot having him be turned on so much by my feet and my pussy throbbed. He slid his tongue over to my other toes and licked between them as well, going along my foot until they were squeaky clean with spit. He then picked up my other foot and did the same thing, giving me a massage before licking my toes clean. My pussy was soaking and I could feel my juices leaking out of me as he kept playing with my feet. I rolled over to my back and parted my legs for him. There was no way his mouth was going anywhere near me after where it had been but that didn’t mean he couldn’t fuck my brains out. How about you? Do you like a little or a lot of ass and foot worship? I’ve got a nice bubbly ass and pretty little feet…..cum check them out!

Best Phone Sex!