Ass Eating is one of my absolute favorite things to enjoy with you.

Ass Eating is like taking me out of my body with fire running up and down my spine. Every stroke of the inside of my leg gives me tingles because you continue to give me the pleasure I deserve. Just shove that face of yours into my ass where it belongs. Want me to sit one that face of yours do you? Well lay back and watch as the best tasting ass smothers your face with no escape. All you will taste and breathe is my candy flavored ass. Now stick your tongue in me and slide it in and out of my tight little hole.

Make me get good and wet because you are going to make me cum. Teasing me with your Ass Eating tongue twirling around my own slowly drives me wild. Opening my mouth a little wider and taking your tongue deeper. Pressing our bodies together because we feel the heat we generate. Breathing begins to intensify and I take you in. Using your breath as my oxygen you feed me new life. Feeding from you already because I crave more. Having Anal Sex on my mind, I have been lusting for you to deliver. Getting me higher and higher until my feet no longer touch the floor.

Leaning me back on the bed you kiss down my warm skin.

Pulling my panties down you tell me exactly what you plan on doing to me. Looking into my green eyes and I into yours I can see your clarity. Having my ass all to yourself with total ownership is the way it is. Talking dirty to me for so long from a distance we knew Phone Sex wouldn’t hold us forever. Feeling your lips traveling slowly up my thighs sends tingles straight to my pussy. Being as wet as I continue to intensify with every kiss and lick you give. Sliding your fingers inside of my tight ass you prepare me for that perfect cock of yours.

Standing up and lowering your pants I get to see that huge dick I hunger for. Feed me baby while you watch me touch and rub my pussy. Grip that big thick cock at the base and slide it into my wet little pussy so you can ease into my ass. Anal Sex Stories heat up when you rub your swollen head against my asshole until your head begins to push me open. My body calls to you for some undeniable Body Worship because every inch of my soft skin aches to be licked. I love the way you give me the proper amount of attention.

Give in to your cravings, and the desires you keep locked up to serve your Goddess.

I have the key to release your fantasies and make them come true. You will belong to me. Your mind, body, and soul serving me until I explode in ecstasy and you lick every drop from my yummy little pussy. You will live and die to please me. I will reward you for your tongues loyalty by granting the privilege to begin Ass Licking. This way you can get to all my wet spots and eat me from behind. You know how much I love that, and how my moans intensify with every lick. Body Worship Phone Sex puts me in the role of domination very quickly.

I direct you along the way to my climax, telling you when to go harder and deeper. You love my commands, don’t you? Being with an Ass Eating woman like me, who knows what she wants gets your cock rock hard. Do you want this body don’t you baby? You want to get inside this baby, don’t you daddy? I know you want to get balls deep in this, but remember who calls the shots. Let the pressure build up and feel like its about to boil over baby.

Show me by the whimpers your voice cracks out how bad you need me.

I will give you everything you need and more when you beg me for what you want. This time I will breathe in your pleads and grant every wish until you burst.