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Adult Phone Chat Lust heats up when we tap into the fantasy of us together for real. I want you so bad it’s unbearable. Sending those naughty little text messages about how I want to peel every stitch of clothing down your body. My goal is to get to that skin I crave. The pictures of me topless with I want you written on my stomach laying on the bed you fuck me on. I make sure that your mind never wanders too far without me coming along for the ride.

The Adult Phone Chat Lust attention I give you is intoxicating. No other girl has ever given you the lust and love you desire. Honoring the space to be yourself and live your life fully. This is what you want, this is what you need. Come home to me after I have driven you crazy with slutty snatch shots and lick the pussy you have been so hard for. I have the sweetest tasty pussy for you baby. All smooth and soft ready to take every bit of your tongue and beg for that fat cock you have waiting to feed me.

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I love to sneak in your Adult Phone Chat Lust head, filling it full of loving desires that would satisfy any man.

This Fantasy Phone Sex has grown into a lustful obsession. I think about the way I will pleasure you all the time. Baby, thoughts of you take me, hostage, for time that does not exist any longer. Let’s getaway for a while, just you and I to a mystery destination where neither of us have ever been. Let’s set out on an adventure of a lifetime. I want to explore every inch of you all over this world forever.

Every time I hear your voice I float to another land where nothing and no one else exists. I promise to make your sexual desires feel like dreams that are coming true in the space of your Adult Phone Chat Lust visions. I want to be your girl always, the mirage that becomes reality. You can be the master of my magic bottle and every wish of yours is my command. Let me love you completely. Every detail of your body will become my life’s mission to adore and worship.

Following you into our nest of ecstasy where I can again blow your mind by my ability to quench your thirst for my succulent flesh that melts to your every touch. My darling, I need to feel my dream man deep inside of me where I can moan and cry out in lustful bliss. Fantasy Phone Sex only gets better as we learn the light and the shadows of our hearts. How we can bring down any barriers that might divide our passion. I want to be your ultimate Girlfriend Experience and provide you with the mutual orgasm of our lives.

There is a safe place inside the words of the woman who loves you.

An Adult Phone Chat Lust vortex where no demons can penetrate and your angel awaits your arrival and your return. I have built us a home here in our little world of romance and desire, where even the deepest of trials become your strengths by dawn. Rest my diamond warrior, for you are safe and sound now and the monsters have all been slain. Nothing on earth or any realm will cause you harm while you are resting here with me.

Lay with me and confess your troubles so that I may hold them until the vigor returns to your powerful wings. Until then wrap yourself around me in your own protective cloak so that I can melt into you. There is tremendous pleasure pulsing through my body when I hear the beautiful sound of your smile. Baby, I must feel your touch and listen to the song your heart plays because it’s for my ears only. Let us indulge in Adult Phone Chat Lust where we can be anyone or thing that fills us with lustful adventure.

I have so many dreams of being filled up completely by you in a different form.