Ass Eater Ex Comes For A Visit After Quarantine Is Lifted

Ass eater ex is my ex-girlfriend. She has been sneaking around her boyfriend and texting me and calling me when he is at work or in the middle of the night. She’s told me how much she misses the taste of my pussy and ass and so I decided to invite her over. She lives 3 hours away but took the trip to visit.

It was 11 PM and I was getting ready for bed when I hear my phone vibrate on my nightstand. And it was her again, my ex. She was talking really dirty and sending me pictures of her glistening pussy and huge tits. My mouth starts to water.

So, I call her up and tell her to come to visit me that coming Friday and say to her man that she just wanted to visit her hometown for a few days. And she totally was down to visit me. I head to bed and wait for the next couple of days to see her. I am elated and excited to have her in my home.

Friday rolls around and it’s about 7 PM and I hear a knock at my door. And standing there in front of me is this gorgeous mocha-skinned beauty. Her cleavage out for the world to see and a skirt so short that I could almost tell she wasn’t wearing any panties. She walks in and puts down her bag and hugs me.

She makes herself comfortable and sits down on my couch. I get a glimpse of her pretty pussy as she sits down. And it makes my pussy throb with excitement. So, I sit down next to her and we talk for a while about life.

I pretty much can make out that the mom and wife life isn’t fulfilling her dreams.

She’s bored and needs a good outlet. I suggest we go on a popular chat site and just have her get some of her craziness out. We get on and point the camera down her shirt which is showing the hottest cleavage. A guy and a couple of his friends pop into the chat and she starts showing off her gorgeous cleavage.

They start cheering her on as she starts to pull her giant tits out of her top. And there it is, a sexy chocolate nipple and I cannot contain myself. I start to suck it and the guys go WILD. My ex moans and takes out her other titty.

Then I stick her entire nipple in my mouth and suck hard and she starts to spread her legs to show me how wet she is. We close the laptop screen and start to make out on my bed. Before I know it she’s pulling my shorts off and forcing me to my hands and knees. She is ready to taste some ass and pussy since it has been forever since she has tasted any.

Her tongue and lips were all over my ass and I could feel her inching closer to my hole. I stick my ass out more and feel her wet tongue taste my asshole. She moans and says “Oh, baby, how I have missed you.” She starts to tongue fuck my asshole.

Moaning, I grab her head and push her deeper into my ass. I feel her tongue slide down to my pussy and can feel her licking and sucking and tasting every bit on my pussy. I moan louder and let her know she’s doing a good job. And she starts to tongue fuck my pussy and finger my asshole.

My god, I forgot how good she is at eating ass and pussy!

She spanks my ass and tongues my clit and flicks and sucks. I feel myself about to cum and I grab onto the sheets and cum all over her face. She slurps up every drop of my pussy juice and kisses me. “Oh man, did I need some pussy.”

I giggle and we cuddle and talk about how much I miss her living in the same town. She says she wants to move back so she can taste me more often.

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