I had quite a few Asian sex stories after living in the Bay Area.

It’s hard to live in San Francisco very long without accumulating some Asian sex stories. Between the college girls at my (all-girl) school, there was an unspoken contest going on pretty much all semester, every semester: who can sleep with the most “internet strangers?”

There wasn’t an official tally, but lez be real: I’m pretty sure I would’ve won every round.

And I always fucked on the first date, too . . . if I was going to fuck them, that is. Just because I was (and, okay, still am) a slut doesn’t mean I’m not discerning!!

One Saturday night I brought Mariah, a busty Latina woman I’d been sleeping with for a couple weeks to my favorite monthly dance party. After some drinking and some dirty dancing, we stepped outside for a smoke.

Erin, the thin, sexy Asian girl I’d met online (and slept with) was right outside the door. She exhaled dramatically as we made eye contact.

Naturally, I introduced my lady friend for the evening to my former conquest. I noticed Mariah blushing as Erin chatted her up. Suddenly, I felt Mariah’s hot, sweet breath in my ear.

“What if we brought her home with us?”

A naughty grin spread across my lips as I nodded yes. Fuck yes. I knew I liked her!

Erin was more than excited to join, much to my delight. We left less than one drink later, all of clumsy with giddiness. This was the best threesome I could have possibly hoped for, both of these girls were totally fucking gorgeous and both made me very wet.

Our impromptu rendezvous started slowly. We were all a little nervous, all kind of pinching ourselves. But once clothes starting coming off things started to get REALLY, really hot.


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