From my filthy archive of Californian rendezvous past, i.e. asian sex stories.

I left off in my last blog telling you one of my naughtiest (and hottest) asian sex stories. The Latina girl I’d been dating from OKCupid scoped my last conquest (a slender, sexy Asian woman) at a dance party and before I knew it she was cumming home with us, too.

Mariah was the first one to take her top off. Her tan DDs popped out and I could see her tits were already getting hard. Erin took the left nipple into her mouth. I started to suck the right nipple and kiss it delicately as my hand moved towards her pussy.

Taking my cue, Erin pinched and kissed both her nipples as I began to head south. I expertly unbuttoned her tight jeans, revealing her curvy hips and black satin panties. Before taking them off, I already knew a sinewy trail of creamy cum would trail down her thigh.

Mariah’s naked body was quite beautiful. I loved her voluptuous curves, so much to grab onto and caress. It was nice to have another party there to squeeze and pleasure every part of her.

Erin quickly took off her jeans and started rubbing her wet pussy against Mariah’s dripping, steamy cunt. I slid a finger inside both of them as their clits touched. I could feel their pussies starting to spasm in unison. By then, I was getting pretty wet myself.

I started to lick and eat both their creamy pussies as they scissored, making each other cum right into my hungry mouth. Mmmm. Fucking delicious!


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