Ashley Loves To Phone Bone

Listening to your voice deep, dark and aroused by your favorite BBW
We set the scene with your ultimate phone bone fantasy
We set the mood for our mutual pleasure
I listen to your voice whisper my name “Oh Ashley”
Tell me how much you need me
Tell me how much your want my plump creamy body on top of you
First inside my mouth you will be

Listen to the sounds of my slurping, sucking and choking on your shaft
Imagine the sight of my glistening saliva running down your balls
My hungry lips suck you harder and harder
Bringing you to the brink of cumming
But you can’t, I won’t let you until I am done with you
With the phone to my ear I start to touch myself with my favorite vibrator

Arching my hips turning it up on full speed against my clit
Up and down and swirling around my pulsing swollen pearl
These feelings and sensations take us both to our own wet world
My toy enters gently getting coated by my sweet juices
As I listen to your fist slid from the tip and down to the balls
Finding my G-spot you hear me go wild
As I listen to you urge me on stroking your shaft faster now

“Ashley cum with me, I’m getting so close I’m so hard and my balls are tight”
My clit and your cock throbs and pulsates we can’t hold back any longer
Our orgasmic pleasures overtake our senses getting us lost in it
In unison our bodies tense up as we reach the edge and leap
Mmm so damn good the sensation is mind blowing and amazing

You never thought a phone bone could ever be this good

I know you will never forget how great it was
How much I made you explode over the phone
So when those balls are full again you know who to call

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