A Little Bit of Danger Leads to a Posh Sex Fetish

I love a little bit of dangerous adventure. When there is a possibility I might get caught doing something I shouldn’t, it’s a huge turn on. So, naturally when I heard about a surge of art heists in the news recently, it gave me an interesting idea. See, because everything is closed due to the pandemic, opportunistic thieves are taking advantage of the museums around the world being shut down and no one around to notice anything suspicious. Just recently a Van Gogh painting worth a whole ton of money was stolen from a Dutch museum. So, this got me thinking about staging my own art heist at the mother of all art museums, the Louvre. Little did I know this would spark a new posh sex fetish for me. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking, how could I possibly pull something like this off? Well, it just so happens that I have a French ‘friend with benefits’ that knows how to break into places undetected. Not only is Charles one of my favorite cheating married men, but he has connections to some filthy rich art enthusiasts who would be more than willing to purchase a priceless piece of art for a cool two million. 

The City of Lights Beckons Us 

Once we arrived in Paris, we scouted the place out in the daytime to not appear suspicious. There were hardly any people walking around the city. A stark contrast to what it is normally like, bustling with tourists and lines to the Louvre with two hour wait times. After planning out the best possible route to enter the museum undetected, we returned to our posh AirBnB. It overlooked the famous Champs-Élysées, one of the most beautiful and recognizable avenues in the world. We sat on the balcony as the sun began to sink below the city of lights. The streets below were calm and quiet below us. It felt like the city was closing up for the night. What a perfect night to pull off the perfect heist! 

We went over every last detail of our plan with a bottle of Pinot Noir. I obviously asked worst-case scenario questions. What do we do if we’re caught? What if we set the alarm off? But, Charles had an answer to everything, he’s a professional after all. He was, of course, calm and cool in his typical French manner and it put me at ease, the wine didn’t hurt either. 

We dressed all in black from head to toe. I wore skin-tight leggings and a long sleeve top that showed off all my curves. Just because we were pulling off a heist didn’t mean I couldn’t look good. Lastly, I tied my hair back and put on a sleek black beanie to conceal my blonde locks. I couldn’t help admire Charles’ super fit chest and bulging biceps in his form-fitting long sleeve. I knew what we were doing as soon as we got back to our Airbnb!

Midnight in Paris

We parked a block away from the Louvre right at midnight, just as planned. So far, so good. We slipped on our gloves, closed the car doors quietly and walked stealthily towards the museum. Charles had his laptop tucked securely under one arm.

We approached a dark side entrance without a security camera and Charles immediately plugged into the electric security panel. We squatted down in the shallow cove of the doorway and Charles worked quickly to hack into the security system. Within a couple of minutes, the alarms throughout the museum were disabled and now replaced by Charles’ faux security wall. This iconic building was about to be breached without anyone being the wiser. That is until someone discovers a blank pale space on the wall where a painting once was.  

I must admit, walking around the silent dark museum, only lit by moonlight from the skylights above, was a bit eerie. But, it also excited me. We had access to all these priceless works of art that would fetch for millions on the black market. I walked through the wide halls awestruck following Charles’ lead. He seemed to know exactly what he was looking for. 

The Louvre Inspired my Posh Sex Fetish

Charles suddenly stopped and stared at a painting on the wall. “There she is,” he said. I walked closer to get a better view. “This is what we’re taking?” I asked, shocked that we were going to take the most popular painting in the museum, possibly the world. Charles nodded silently, without taking his eyes off the prize. “Wait”, I stopped him, putting my arm on his. “This isn’t right. How can we deprive the world from seeing this just so it can be in some asshole’s private collection?”  

To my surprise, Charles agreed right away. “You have a heart of gold”, he teased me flirtatiously. I knew right then how to redeem this night. It wasn’t going to be for naught. I approached Charles quickly, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him passionately. He kissed me excitedly like he knew exactly what was on my mind. I, of course, wanted to have sex among all this priceless art, my most posh sex fetish yet. The minute we walked in I was turned on by the danger, the power we possessed, and the titillation of being surrounded by millions of dollars in paintings. 

Charles peeled off my clothes and we laid there completely nude and writhing in passion in front of the smiling Mona Lisa. It was an exquisite night. I don’t know if I will ever be able to top this posh sex fetish with one more valuable once the world returns to normal, but I will certainly try. 


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