I am obsessed with EDGING and I am getting better and going longer each time I edge. I love it while I am alone touching myself, but even better when I can make a guy hold out while I play with him and tease his cock. I love when a dude almost shoots his load and I slow it all down. Then I let him cum when I want him too. The pain and then the release must be incredible! I know that while I am touching myself or playing with my vibrator…right before I feel the waves of my orgasm starting, I slow it down. I force myself to wait. When I finally cum it is incredible. 

A hand job is a great way to control a guys edging session. Maybe I will tease his cock with a lick of my tongue or let his cock slide down the slit of my pussy lips. Let you touch a nipple. Just get excited enough. I will stroke that hard dick, get faster and harder, until you cannot stand it and then slow it down. Tell you that you can’t cum yet. I could play with you for a long time, you know. It amuses me.

When we both cum after a nice long edge session- it will be worth it and I cannot wait to see that big load of cum you make for me!

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