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I had a brief marriage to a cuckold husband¬†a few years ago.¬†We had met soon after my first offspring joined the human race. He had a fat wallet and was much older than I. It was not until our wedding night that I found out his wallet was the only thing he owned that had any measure to it! ¬†I didn’t know how long it would go on when we began, but he was very generous and only wanted to please me in any way.¬†Of course,¬†being a new mommy with his ongoing shower of cash and prizes seemed good enough at the time, so¬†I figured I’d go along and see where it led. He wanted me to make him feel like a pathetic cuckold husband. Me being a cock size queen and well he knew his cock was too small to please a woman.¬†He told me soon after our wedding night,¬†he was not only OK with me seeing other men, he actively encouraged it and wanted to participate.

I had not been introduced to any¬†cuckold situation before, but being a dominate female it had always been on the bucket list. It did not take long for me to find a play mate. There are quite a few guys who love fucking married woman while their cuckold husband sits and waits for his freshly fucked wive’s cunt to fill with a hot load of cum.. just for him to clean. The first few times we were together it was at his place.. I wanted him alone at first.. my ‘cum filled cunt’ hungry cuckold husband waited patiently for me to return home. He begged me to let him lick my whorish juices and loved hearing about my BBC’s monster cock impaling my pussy. My bull was¬†so aggressive when we finally¬†fucked me in front of my cucky at home, it was a raw and primitive BBC cuckold fucking like no other!

The night came and we all headed¬†to the bedroom, my cuckold husband¬†sat in the corner of the room watching and I got on the bed on all fours into a doggy position. Rather quickly a hard mass of muscle was slid into my hungry pussy by that big, hard dick… and I looked over and saw my dear wedded small dick cuckie¬†stroking himself as I got pounded. I was enjoying the fucking way too much. I concentrated on that and didn’t even worry about him! I am sure all he could do was think about drinking my cunny spunk mixture out of cheating cunt! Of course my lover did love telling him he could not wait to clean his BBC with the pathetic little cuckie tongue! Oh it was so fucking hot! We had a great fuck and then my play toy left. I then got on my back, cunt full of cum, and my cuckold husband¬†went to town on my pussy and licked out every last drop of that cum, worked my clit with that magic tongue of his and made me cum yet again, pushing out the last of my lovers sperm in the process. Do you have a hot cuckold husband story? Or do you need a Goddess to lock your pathetic small dick up? I would love for you to¬†let me lock your cock! Wouldn’t you?

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