Are You A Pantie Boy?

Are you a Pantie Boy? I’m definitely a Pantie Girl! I always remember when I was little going through my Mother’s lingerie draw. She was so fabulously feminine and sexual and she had a vast collection of all kinds of lingerie and sexy outfits, it was like heaven to me! I would practically climb inside and surround myself with the lace, silk and satin, the feel of it against my skin and the sweet scent of her perfume made me feel so happy and content, so it was really no surprise I turned out how I did!

When I was a little older, I would wait until my parents were out, sneak into their room and spend the whole day trying on different pairs of panties, stockings and pantyhose, twirling in the mirror looking at myself and feeling amazing. I never felt like I was doing anything wrong until one day while my parents were out and I was shimmying in the mirror to Donna Summer, wearing spiky heeled black stilettos, nude stockings and black suspenders with a black bra, a string of pearls and a feather trimmed silk robe that my uncle came by unexpectedly. He’d let himself in and I didn’t hear. God knows how long he was standing watching me from the bedroom doorway before he cleared his throat.

I jumped about 6 feet in the air in shock and turned to face him, instinctively covering myself up in shame. “What on earth are you doing Alex?” He asked, folding his arms and leaning back against the dresser. “Erm, I was just, erm, just playing dress up…” I stuttered, looking at the floor. “But those are girls things, you’re a boy.” He said, and I immediately forgot my shame. “Well I don’t want to be a stupid boy!! I want to be a pretty girl!!” I yelled, and collapsed into a tearful heap, sobbing into my hands. I felt a large hand cup my chin and turn my face upwards, my uncle’s face was there and he pulled mine to his. “It’s OK,” he said, “you can be a pretty girl if you want to, but it’ll have to our secret, come on, you’re smudging your makeup!” I laughed through my tears and looked into his eyes. “You are a very pretty girl.” He said. He was stroking my head with his hand as he stood next to where I sat and he looked down at me and said quietly “Would you like to do what real pretty girls do?” I was confused but I nodded my head yes. He reached forward and slowly began to undo his zipper. I tried to say something but before I knew what was happening I had the first man cock I had ever seen, hovering 2 inches from my face. It was huge and I just froze, staring at it. “Good pretty girls make boys happy Alex.” He said, still stroking my head but now beginning to push my head towards his groin. “Just open your mouth and put it in, and I won’t tell anyone what happened today, OK?”

I opened my mouth and he began to push his massive adult cock into my little sissy mouth. It was the first taste I’d ever had of cock and from that moment I was hooked, not only on panties but dick too…

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