Public Fun with a App Controlled Toy!

I’d been on a few dates with Sean before. He was a super fun guy to be around! Little did he know I was about to get freaky on him. I’ve always loved public sex, and fooling around in public, so when he picked me up for our next date I had a plan.

I’d taken my we-vibe that is controlled via phone app and put it inside my pussy. Just having it touch my clit made me super excited. I asked to borrow his phone for a minute. I got the app downloaded and him connect to my toy. I didn’t tell him about how it worked just yet.

We sat down at dinner and I asked him to open his phone up. I guided him to the app and told him what it was. The goofy grin that spread across his face was priceless. We were in a very public restaurant that wasn’t going to be easy to remain unnoticed. I turned the toy on just one level and I jumped. The feeling was so amazing and made my whole body hum. He turned it back off when the waiter came over to take our orders.

As soon as we were alone at the table again, he shot it up full blast. Every inch of my body wanted to jump out of my seat, but I remained still. I quiet moan escaped my lips as I looked at him and tried to continue our conversation. He turned it down to let me have a moment of rest while we continued our conversation. I readjusted myself in my seat so that I could squeeze the toy harder onto my clit and g-spot. I hadn’t realized how wet I was.

Our dinner was placed in front of us, and the toy was turned back on. This time he didn’t turn it off again. As I tried to eat through my food he’d turn it up. I was finally at the point of no return. My climax was near! I whispered, “You’re going to make me cum!” Quickly Sean turned it up all the way and watch as my body rocked slightly with the most intense orgasm ever. I tried to keep myself composed but struggled hard.

After the orgasm had slowed down Sean turned the toy off again. He made sure I kept it inside so he could play with it again later! Oh what a tease that man is! I just wanted him to fuck me there in public! Ilooked at him and asked, “Did we just have Phone Sex?” We both laughed.

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