Anything He Wants, Bend Over For This Rim Job!

Draped in my favorite set of sheer, black lingerie, I waited for him to return home so that I could present him with his birthday gift; me and a rim job. I would be his little slut for the evening. I would allow him to take me in any way he so pleases. As I heard the sound of an engine rumble outside my bungalow, I pulled back the curtains to reveal that he was making his way towards my front porch. With a smile forming on my cheeks, I dashed towards the door, pulling it inwards as I yelled “Happy birthday,” all the while, teasingly pulling away the drawstrings of my dressing gown so that it floated ground-wards to reveal my shimmering nylon stockings.

“You can have me in the dirtiest way that you can imagine,” I purred, “For tonight, I’m all yours.”

I could see his eyes begin to widen in their sockets. I didn’t know what kind of perverted thoughts were running through his mind at this point, but I did want to have some passionate, kinky fun.

“Anything?” He asked, “Have you ever given a rim job before?”

I shook my head. I had never given one before this, but I could guess that I was about to.

He began by tugging his belt free of his trousers and letting them crawl towards the wooden flooring of my living room, exposing his bulging package as he stood before me. Secretly hoping to avoid the type of sexual satisfaction that he desired, I secured his cock in between my lips and aimed to blow his mind using the tip of my skilled tongue, fondling his balls lightly with the palm of my left hand. After a few minutes of sliding my tongue over his cock, however, it became apparent that my plan to make him forget about his rimming fantasy had failed.

He withdrew his cock from my mouth and turned a hundred and eighty degrees on the spot.

He slowly bends over as he gripped the sofa for balance. The truth is, I was never a fan of anything involving the ass. Seeing the power that I held over him once my tongue lapped against the perimeter of his ass hole. It turned me on to extreme amounts as he writhed beneath me, obviously feeling stimulated by my tender touch.

As the unique, rich taste drowned my mouth, I reached beneath him and began to stroke his cock vigorously, all the while, letting my tongue fulfill his dark, dirty desires. He began to moan loudly, much to my delight, and I could feel his body begin to tremble. I knew that sooner or later, he would have to give in to an orgasm, so I forcefully turned his body around once more, craving the feeling of his warm, sticky load dribbling down my flesh.

Eventually, he began to grunt, his body rocking from side to side as his member pulsed within my grip. Slowly at first, his cum began to ooze into my hands. After a few brief moments, the full force of his ejaculating dick drenched my firm, round tits in his love juice.

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