Anthony Wants to Fuck His Mommy

Mommy doesn’t know that her grown son, Anthony, fantasizes about fucking her. Or does she? When Jean had her son Anthony she was a young newlywed whose husband was rarely home so she and Anthony formed a rare and intense bond. He was mommy’s pride and joy. She had no worries taking a bath and letting her toddler bounce in the water with her. Anthony’s favorite part was squeezing mommy’s big titties while she bounced him up and down on her naked lap.

She continued to take baths with him and undress in front of him until he was in the third grade. Anthony loved it. He loved his mom so much. But one day he overheard his daddy yell at his mother and say, “Jean, he’s too old to take a bath with. It’s not right.” He heard his mom answer, “But it’s perfectly natural.” And his father’s voice raised louder, “Stop it now. I will not let this happen under my roof. It’s sick. It’s like incest.” Then he hear his mother slap his father and daddy stormed out the house.

Anthony came into the room and saw his mother crying.

He comforted her by rubbing her back and shoulders. She hugged him and kissed him on the mouth and said, “I love you very much, Anthony. But we can’t take baths together anymore.” Anthony hated his father after that because he loved seeing his mother’s naked body and touching her tits. So he began sneaking into her dirty clothes and stealing her panties and smelling them.  As he got older he would masturbate with her panties on his face and dream of fucking his mother.

When he became an adult and had a girlfriend of his own everything in his life seemed normal. But even though his girlfriend was beautiful he could never get a hard-on with her. So he would always sneak over to his mother’s house and steal her panties. He would smell and lick his mom’s panties just to get a hard on so that he could fuck his girlfriend. Even with his cock deep inside of her in his mind he was fantasizing about his mother being naked and that his cock was deep inside her. One night while fucking his girlfriend he called out his mother’s name just as he was about to cum.

“Oh Jean, I love fucking you cunt.” His girlfriend gave him a dirty look and said, “What? My name is Ashley.”

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