Another Sex Story?

This woman has an accidental sex story. One day, while getting ready for work the thought came to me: When IS the last time I had my period? I wracked my brain and came up with around my birthday in March. And this is July. I looked at myself in the mirror. Glowing, my face was actually beaming. My hair had gotten thicker and longer that golden strands almost wrapped around my shoulders. Then looking belly, despite my everyday sit-ups, I saw was growing. I did notice that my boobs had gotten larger and my nipples expanded.

How did this happen? I was so confused, stunned even. Then I remembered the sex story behind the pregnancy.

The night out that my girlfriends and I went out to celebrate my birthday! They presented me with a beautiful, tall, completely shaved from head to toe, ripped BBC stripper. His ears had diamonds in them and when he took off his pants we all gasped at his monstrously enormous cock. His dick was a thing of beauty, indeed. I’m a size queen, I love to be fucked hard and deep and have my pussy gaping around a huge penis; All my girlfriends know. He was a fantasy standing in front of me.

This Particular Sex Story happened on a dare.

While we were all wowed by Gordon’s big thick dick and knew a good sex story was about to happen. Immediately, wet and curious too-How did a beautiful man like this get into stripping? Gordon took my hand after he put his clothes back on and led me to a private table for a drink.  In the meantime, my friends had cooked up a plan. One of them beckoned me over with a red lacquered nail on her finger. I asked Gordon to excuse me for a moment and went to their table. “We dare you to get that dick inside of you!” One of the girls teased and we all laughed. I returned to Gordon and sat beside him.

I suppose we all know what Gordon and I did next. Would you like to know the details?

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