Anonymous Sex Comic Con Style is Always a Thrill Theme when done right.

Something happens to me when I dress up, and I suspect Anonymous Sex temps others as well. I feel my adventurous sexual appetite grow with hunger. As though I am any type of woman I choose in the moment and she can get away with anything. Take this years Comic Con for example, I was there with a very specific job to do, but once I’m in costume I get almost automatically turned on. It must be a feeling that goes around. People dressed like their favorite super heroes and villains, characters from books and film that already turn us on, and here we are with endless possibilities in real life. Trust me, the temptation for Role Play Phone Sex is intoxicating, and can’t be denied even when on the job.

As I walked the floor I noticed tons of hot icons dressed to the nines. The muscles of the day were clearly put on display for all the harlots and heroines to notice, and they did just that. At every con there is an element of meat sampling happening, but I would get the kings share today. My eyes wandered while I took a little break to see all the spandex and sparkle, and as they scanned the hall I stopped at the Punisher.

My mind instantly wondered what areas of mine his big gun could punish again and again.

I think he may have telepathic abilities or I wear my lust all over me because he soon came over to me to meet. The Punisher made it very clear he liked every inch of my hardly covered body, so much in fact that he started walking me backward into a door. I reached behind me and turned a knob that popped the door right open. It was a broom closet of sorts,  just enough room for me to take turns issuing the filthy punishment our desired filled bodies required. Dress-up fun can lead to ass eating, pussy pounding Role Play Phone Sex fit for Harley Quinn.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke