The Hero of Time, Link was a great Zelda rule 34 specimen. His muscular arms built up from swinging the mighty sword of time and carrying the Hylian Shield. He has always been too busy saving everyone to enjoy being what he is down to the core a man.  Link rode his horse Epona towards Hyrule castle. Her hoofs thumping against the dirt and rocks, Link Patted Epona’s bottom to encourage her to run faster and she obliged.  The Rymic thumping of the horse’s hoof was all that link could hear as he neared the castle.

*Creakkkk* The gate’s echoed beyond as the lowered

The horse ran across the bridge and link let out a joyful ” HEH” as the guards cheered at his return. He made his way to the castle. Finally reaching the gates the guards nodded and raised the metal gate.  Link hopped down off of Epona and patted her tieing her to a nearby post. Link grabbed a satchel with the head of their greatest enemy Gannon and walked through the door. There were no guards posted at the door which seemed odd until he walked closer into the throne room. His eyes scanned across the room.

Zelda was casually draped across the throne.

Long blonde hair lay perfect down her shoulders and she shot him a smile with a mysterious glisten in her startling blue eyes. She was dressed only in a red silk robe as any Zelda rule 34 should be. She sat up the robe opened above all exposing peeks of her long legs. ” Hero of time you have saved us countless times. I have the perfect reward for you that I learned while having phone sex. ” She stood up and untied the robe.


The silky red fabric pooled around her feet.

‘”Come to me, claim your reward hero” She smirked and walk toward him “Heh?” Link replied blushing his sizable cock twitching in his white tights.  Link tosses the bag across the room and it knocked over a pot to the right. Meanwhile, the princess glided up to Link and wrapped an arm around his neck.  Above all no woman has touched him like that, he couldn’t help but turn red. Zelda trailed soft kisses across his jawbone as she held him in place. She reached down slowly with her free hand tracing a line from his chest down.

“HEH!”He exclaimed loudly as she caressed his hard cock.

She smirked and pulled off his tunic and tossed it to the left of them simultaneously dropping to her knees and pulling down his tights.  His Hard cock flung out hard and strong and long. He was 9 inches long and 2 inches thick. Zelda squealed in delight and wrapped her hand around his massive member and licked her lips. She stuck out her tongue and flicked it around the tip teasing him slowly sliding just her lips around the head and pulling back painfully slow.

He tossed back his head screaming ” HAAAAAAAAA”

Link suddenly grabbed the long blonde locks in his fist and shoved her head down on his massive cock. Making her go all the way down the shaft her eyes watering from the sudden stretching of her throat. A perfect Zelda rule 34 moment. Link particularly liked how warm and wet it was and started to guide her head up and down quickly. The more she tried to pull away from him, the harder he thrust his cock in her mouth. He gave one final push down and her eyes widen as his hot sticky load poured down her mouth. She pulled back long lines of drool dripping as he shot more of his load on her face.


We are far from done yet hero she teased

Zelda stroked his still hard but sensitive cock and he arched back ” Heh haaa” He exclaimed. She stood up and lead him to the throne. ” Now Hero it’s time to service your Princess” Zelda smiled as she said it sitting down and opening up her legs. Her wet slit glistened in the torchlight.  Link dropped to his knees grabbing ahold of her legs and kissed her knees slowly flicking his tongue out between kisses as he moved closer to his goal. She moaned in anticipation as he dragged the tip of his tongue across her slit.

Zelda Rule 34 Moans Echoed In The Stone Halls

Link pushed his tongue deeper and came in contact with her clit. Rolling circles with his tongue he slid one finger in her dripping wet cunt and pumped it slowly as he teased her. Zelda grabbed his hair and arched her back pushing him deeper. Link slid another finger in her dripping pussy and fingered her faster and faster sucking her clit. Zelda opened her mouth and screamed in pleasure. Link Flipped her over and stood up and lined up his hard cock with her wet pussy. He pushed his hard cock inside as she screamed and gripped her hips. ” HEH HEH HAAA” He screamed pounding her tight pussy in and out feeling her grip around his cock.  He pumped her harder and hard until he felt his heavy balls tighten and spill his seed into her belly.

Leaning forward panting he kept his cock in her.

More and more of his cum kept spilling. Zelda’s legs shook under his weight and in pleasure. They breath in time with each other. His cock slid out and his cum started to drip out of her. Zelda reached between her legs and played with the cum dripping out of her smiling sweetly. ” Hero we should play again soon”  Link smiled back and whispered “heh” and smacked her ass. Link thoroughly enjoyed his Zelda rule 34 playtime.


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