Anime sex has always really intrigued me.

Dear Perverts! I’m no otaku, not even close, but the world of anime sex has always intrigued me. One of my girlfriends is very into hentai (anime and manga) and so I’ve seen more than the average person’s share. I’ve borrowed, studied, dissected…and I find the sexual concepts in hentai totally fascinating.


First of all, the anatomy.


Little skinny teen bodies with giant swollen tits with those cute puffy nipples. Ripe, peachy, bald innie pussies. Tall, lanky young men with absolutely raging hard-ons and big, aching balls that look like they could paint a wall with cum. That imagery enough is highly erotic just for the juxtaposition of scale. Huge sex organs on small bodies…it’s super erotic when you see it in real life, too.

The sexual situations.


Usually precocious, sometimes violent and almost always involves some form of coercion or rape. In hentai, it’s not difficult to find material for women raping men in all sort of ways. That’s not to mention the animals and fantasy creatures. Practically any situation is on the premises of hentai, which of course, I appreciate. A favorite of mine was a young busty mother receiving a sensual enema from her very young son. And I mean very young. The characters engaging in this kinky anime sex sometimes do shocking, funny or taboo things, but your innocent eyes can’t peel away because their sexual energy and appearance are both so transfixing.


The wetness.


Don’t you love how splashy wet those little puffy pussies get? And the way those insanely hard cocks dripping with precum? Anime sex is hot because all of the things we love to see in real life are amplified to the most outrageous degree. To be that oversexed is, probably, every human being’s fantasy. You see it in lots of erotic art. But anime sex tends to take it to the extreme of sexual virility…which of course, is incredible.


The dialogue!


It’s basically as pointless and embarrassing as the dialogue in live action porn, something we’re all used to.

Would you like a hentai buddy?


I’ll go as wild as you want. Anime sex turns me on, let’s watch something nasty together and have some hot phone sex getting off together. What do you say?