Animal sex ~ Truly doing Doggy style

Have you ever had a dream so real that you get aroused every time you think about it? Well, I had this crazy animal sex dream that has me thinking bestiality. When I do fetish phone sex I keep thinking ask if they like it.  I want to do some hot phone sex calls on animal sex. You see in my dream.

I was dancing around in the kitchen, stark naked. Just then, I heard a little whimper. It was Tank, my beautiful Great Pyrenees. I motioned Tank over, and he came to me. Tank laid down at my command beside me. He rolled over on his back, expecting a stomach rub. I started rubbing his stomach. Rubbing my hand down to his cock. I started to rub it, stroking it with care. Enthusiastically I looked at Tank’s dick as it slowly slid out of its furry pocket. I started counting the inches as the cock grew larger, thicker. Eight inches and FAT!

I felt lust raging like a nymphomaniac fever.

Tank watched as I kneeled down and put my lips on the tip of his cock. Then I engulfed it all. I actually felt his cock sliding deep into my throat. As I bobbed my head up and down till I felt a little heave in Tank’s body. I didn’t want Tank to cum right away. Next thing I knew I was over Tank. That is when I squatted down to let my cunt mound meet Tank’s large cock. Then I grabbed that beautiful cock and slowly slid it into my throbbing pussy. I moaned, my pussy started leaking as I went up and down riding Tank’s cock in a frenzy. I felt a surge of juices enter my cunt.

That’s when I knew that Tank’s cock couldn’t function to my needs much longer. I fucked him as fast as I could racing towards my orgasm on his still hard cock. As I climaxed I fell to my side off that delicious cock onto my side. My body was still convulsing as my orgasm slowed when I felt Tank’s tongue on my pussy.  He obviously liked what he tasted. With his rough tongue, Tank licked our combined cum out of my cunt. It felt so good I started orgasming again. My juices flowed down my legs as Tank paused in his licking actions. That is when I woke up… in the middle of an orgasm… Great god’s animal sex has been on my mind a lot since then. But then so has Kinky sex stories

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