There’s Something About A Taboo Animal Sex Story That Gets Me All Hot Inside!

Do you ever fantasize about animal sex?  This is a very taboo question.  Perhaps you have played phone sex games and played a very hot role-play about animal fun and it made you hot maybe even curious.  Does the thought of animal sex bring out your inner beast?  What if I was so in need and horny would I turn to other methods to achieve satisfaction?  Perhaps I would in my time of loneliness and need.

My friend Becky was always a freak!  I say this in the most loving intentions.  She did pick her share of losers.  This latest guy David was a change from the normal guys she picked.  They were together a long time.  Becky seemed truly happy that things were looking up.  They dated for many months which is a long time in Becky’s world.  Perhaps he got tired of Becky or being with one lady.  Becky could be hard to deal with but she definitely didn’t deserve to be left in that way.

He came and moved his stuff out.  He did however leave his canine with her.  She was frustrated and asked him what the heck she was going to do with a stupid fur ball.  I remember how distraught Becky was over the breakup.  She locked herself in her house for days.  One night she was moping around the empty apartment and she started thinking about David and got horny.  She closed her eyes and sat on the couch.  Her fingers did the walking to her pussy. She imagined his tongue on her clit tasting her hungrily plunging his tongue deep into her wet cunt.

David could eat pussy!  He truly enjoyed the taste of her sweet juice on his lips.

She felt this fantasy was so real she was close to cumming now.  Her eyes flickered open in horror to find her Canine licking and lapping her wet pussy.  His big tongue made her clit jump with every stroke.  She yelled and jumped back scaring him away.  He ran to the corner his collar jingling in his haste to escape Becky.  Becky felt ashamed such animal sex could get her fired up.  She only heard about this taboo stuff on phone sex porn-related sites.  Becky couldn’t deny the pleasure her furry friend had brought to her so far.  He licked her cunt better than any guy had ever done before.

Unable to deny the animal sex lust that her new friend was bringing out of her she called him back over.  He seemed to know where to go.  He again brought her to that place of utter fire and passion.  She quivered and shook as she went over the edge into paradise.  Afterward, Becky stayed on the floor shaking with excitement and warm feelings.  She fell asleep with her new friend beside her.  That was not the end by any means!

Wouldn’t you like to hear what happened next?  Oh, there are definitely more stories like this I can share with you during our fetish phone sex.

I know you’re craving another free sex story!

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