Animal sex in the barn.

Animal sex and your wife — the final sign that your cock is the problem.  Some wives are obsessed with being faithful to their husbands, even when he fails in the size department.  But there’s no fighting the desire that EVERY woman has.  We wanna be filled to the brim with big, hot cock.  If you’re married and you know you have a small penis, make sure you don’t have animals.  Especially a horse.  Some wives don’t count that as cheating and it doesn’t take much if a woman is desperate enough.

First sign of weakness — she sees it.

It happens at first sighting.  Maybe she’s cleaning out that stallion’s stall when she notices his delicious, thickening cock start to slide out into view.  She can’t believe how big he’s getting.  She wants to touch it.  Everything inside her is telling herself to, but she fights it.  For now.

Second sign — she watches him fuck.

Your stallion is out to stud and there is a field of pretty lady horses all ready to receive his superior seed.  You wife finds a reason to stick around to watch and is hypnotized by the sight of that huge dong inseminating those horse pussies.  What she would give to be one of those fertile mares right then and there.

Last sign — midnight visits to the barn

If your wife is finding new reasons and excuses to go out to the barn then she’s already fallen to the dark side.  She’s had that huge dog, horse, or donkey dick in her pussy at least once and in her mouth multiple times (and you’ve kissed her, lol).  A woman can only resist for so long before she needs that fat dick to pound her good.  If you want to a good husband, save a horse and make some black friends.  They will take care of your wife 🙂

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