Animal Sex – Bestiality Fetish

Animal sex doesn’t always have to be animal on animal. Well, I suppose it does have to be like that because we’re animals. However, this is a fantasy I have about being raped by Krieg and having him show dominance. If you’re into some hardcore bestiality fetish phone sex then you won’t be able to get enough of this story.

I just got home from a long workout at the gym.

It was a good tiring workout and I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was take a long, hot shower and watch some random anime on Hulu.

Now, Krieg was so used to getting what he wanted when he wanted. It was my fault for spoiling him so much and I had to take full responsibility for that.

Anyway, he had his nose buried in my crotch ever since I walked in the door. I tried to push his muzzle away, but he was persistent. Couldn’t he at least wait until I took a shower?

The answer was obviously no, however, I just wasn’t in the mood. The more I tried to push him off of me, the more invasive he became. Finally, I had enough and I popped him on his muzzle hoping that would make him back the fuck off.

That only escalated things faster. He started growling and he backed me up against my bed. I hadn’t realized it until the backs of my knees hit it and I collapsed on my back onto the mattress.

Since I’d started to take a shower, I was left only in my panties. He jumped on me and put his teeth against my neck. Krieg growled again, showing those sharp teeth. His cock was so hard and it was poking against my panties.

Those panties weren’t much of a resistance to him. He pushed his way through them and I could do absolutely nothing about it.

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