Animal Sex – The Ranch Hand Introduced Me to the Prized Stud – Part 2

Animal Sex is a story I started yesterday.  Hope you like the conclusion.

Then, Clint walked me out to the stables and showed me the prized stud.

In fact, he often worked with other farmers in the area and helped to impregnate their mares.

The more I heard about how he would breed the animals the more curious I became.

Furthermore, Clint knew that he was turning me as he described in more and more detail how a stallion fucked.

The more we discussed the breeding the more turned on I was becoming.

At that time, I had no clue that Clint had a surprise in store for me.

One day I walked out to the stables to find Clint adjusting a table under the stud.

He walked up to me, kissed me and slid his hand up under my sundress to grab my pussy.

Then he asked me if I was finally ready to try out animal sex for myself.

As soon as he said it my pussy told him my answer.

It became instantly wet.

He slid my panties off and helped me up onto the table.

Slowly he took the horses cock in his hand and helped me with rubbing it on my pussy.

The horse cock was fucking huge!

I knew there was no way it was going to fit inside of me but Clint said it’s not supposed to go in all the way.

He was there to make sure the horse stayed calm and didn’t hurt me.

Then I felt the slippery cock pushing into me and loved the way it stretched me open.

I couldn’t take much of it and after a little while, I had to stop.

Clint then bent me over and fucked my pussy until we both came hard as fuck.

That became our thing every couple of days.

Of course,  Clint helped me adjust more to the stud’s massive cock and then fuck me after it was done.

Apparently, animal sex turned him on just as much as it did for me!

That was definitely one summer that I’ll never forget!


I can’t wait to share more of my experiences with you!

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