Animal Sex – The Ranch Hand Introduced Me to the Prized Stud

Animal Sex is taboo, but then taboos are meant to be broken.

I’d never thought much about animal sex.

Over the years, I have read all kinds of crazy sex stories about it and watched a few animal sex pornos, but I never thought I’d do it.

It was summer break and I needed to get away from life for a while.

That year college had been very stressful and I was so ready for the summer break.

When my uncle mentioned that I should visit his ranch over summer break I didn’t even hesitate.

How better to spend my summer than in the country with some peace and quiet, riding horses and relaxing?

The first night I arrived my uncle introduced me to everyone.

I couldn’t help but notice the well-built cowboy sitting quietly at the table.

My uncle introduced him as Clint, the ranch hand.

He’d been there helping out for a few summers and knew the ranch well.

My uncle asked him if he would mind showing me around the next day and just make sure I had anything I needed.

And so my experience began.

We hit it off right away and over the next few weeks we grew closer and talked about more intimate things.

I don’t even know how the subject of animal sex came up but I was a little surprised when he’d asked.

Apparently, sex with horses was a pretty common thing in the country.

I was surprised when my nipples hardened, my pussy tightened and I felt myself getting wet.

The thought of a big stallon’s big cock was almost enough to make me cum just thinking about it.

When I looked up at Clint I blushed.

He noticed my reaction too!


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