Anal worship might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly feels excellent to me.

Anal worship and ass play turn me on so much. I love to have a man on his knees behind me, with my ass in his face and his tongue on my asshole. Has anything ever felt so delicious? My pussy instantly gets soaked as soon as I feel that first wet, velvety rasp of my lover’s tongue.  Sliding deep into my tight little hole, making my knees weak.

Last week my lover came over to worship my ass. From the top of my thighs to the bottom of my back, he traced my backside with his lips. He caressed and kissed every inch of my ass. He put his hands on either side and split my ass wide open. I heard him inhale deeply as he began to lick up and down my crack.

He lathered up my crack slowly making big long strokes with his tongue. After getting my ass good and wet, he slowly opened my asshole. It was warm and felt so good. He buried his mouth in my ass and increased the pressure of his tongue. After my ass had been good and primed, he slipped a finger inside.

He began to fuck my asshole with his finger harder and harder as I moaned louder and louder.

He never stopped licking my ass crack with his hot wet tongue, and he never stopped caressing my cheeks with his hands.

His finger felt so good buried deep in my asshole I asked him for a second one. I craved that burning stretching feeling of having two fingers plunging in and out of my tight hole slowly. Anal worship is an art form if done correctly and my lover is a master of his craft.

My lover continued to lick and tease me until I could no longer take it and gave into a tremendous orgasm. My inner muscles squeezed and gripped his fingers tightly as he made me cum. I truly love ass play in my fucking and my man did not disappoint.

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