Anal Virginity – My First Time

Do you find yourself thinking back to you virginity?  My first time getting my pussy fucked wasn’t my most memorable moment, but having my anal virginity taken was out of this world!  There is nothing like a tight teen hole and I was so excited.  Of course I was scared it would hurt, but I knew it was something  wanted to try.  Who doesn’t love a girl who likes anal?

I still remember my first time like it was yesterday.  I was sixteen and my boyfriend at the time had been begging for it.  Knew I wanted to try anal, but I was terrified it would hurt.  His cock wasn’t the biggest, but I knew it was much bigger than my tight teen asshole.  He assured me it wasn’t his first time and he would make sure I would have the time of my life.  I decided Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to make his fantasy come true.

We did the usual Valentine’s Day date, dinner and a movie.

 He got us a room at a local hotel which he decked out with candles.  As romantic as it was, I still only had one thing on my mind.  He went into my purse and took out the lube.  He told me lay down on my stomach as he began to massage my ass.  His fingers felt so good all lubed and slippery.  He slid them in and out of my butt cheeks and I could feel my pussy getting wet.  He circled his finger around my puckered little hole as I raised my ass off the bed.  I was practically begging for anal at this point.  That is when he slid his finger inside.

It felt amazing!  It didn’t hurt at all, in fact the sensation was like nothing I had ever felt before.  He took his time working his finger in and out, slipping another in, and then another until he had me stretched out.  I was ready for his cock.  I was ready for him to take my anal virginity!  He lifted my hips getting me on my hands and knees.  My ass was high in the air as he pressed the head of his cock against my.  It went in so slowly.  I could feel every inch of his hard cock filling my ass.  Almost immediately,  I felt my clit bucking.  I knew it wouldn’t take me long to cum.

He was pumping away at my ass as I worked my fingers on my clit.

 Our moans were so loud, I was so happy we got a room instead of doing this at his parents house.  I came so hard and my pussy gushed as I squirted onto the bed.  I didn’t even know I was a squirter!  Shortly after I came, he shot his load inside of me.  It was the first time I had felt his cum and if filled my asshole.  He pulled out nice and slow as his cum leaked from my ass.

To this day I like to relive that night during my naughty anal phone sex sessions.  Do you want to take a try at my anal virginity?

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