Eli and I never really talked to each other. We were both around the same age, but we just didn’t care to socialize. The only reason why we lived together was because my mom and his dad were married, and I guess that made us a family. The only time we were actually trying to get along was at the dinner table and even then we would exchange the bare minimum of words. Little did I know, I would have the best anal sex with my step brother while our parents entertained some of their friends down stairs.

I barged into Eli’s room, like I would usually do when he didn’t live there. His room used to be mom’s office and sometimes I would forget. It was at night, so I was already wearing pajamas. Before I could realize what I had done, I saw Eli stroking his big thick cock while watching something on his phone. I froze, and Eli didn’t notice because he had his headphones on. I tried backing out of his room without making a sound, but before I could turn away, he looked up and saw me. Eli was very embarrassed and apologized. I didn’t know why, we were both grown ups and it turned me on watching him stroke.

“Don’t be shy”, I said. “I actually kind of liked it.” and then he giggled. I told him that if I knew how big his cock was I would of walked in on him a lot sooner. I sat next to him, and he was covering himself up with the blanket, trying to get his hard on down. I started rubbing my hands near his crotch, I want it to feel how big it was. I asked what kind of porn he was watching and he said anal. Right then and there my pussy started getting wet. I want it him in my ass.

“Do you want to help me with it?” Eli said jokingly, and I said yes. I started rubbing his cock with both of my hands, it felt huge. He laid down, and then I sat on his face as I jerk his big cock. His tongue slipped into my asshole and I knew I want it to have him inside me. I hoped onto his cock, and slowly slid down his shaft. He held my hips as his big meat stick entered my tight teen butthole. It felt so fucking good. He stuffed my ass, and pumped away as I play with my pussy. It didn’t take him much to bust a big load in my ass.

We don’t live together anymore, but I can’t wait to see him on this holiday season. My ass needs another warm thick cream pie that only Eli can give me.

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