Anal sex was scary and intimidating at first…until I had a few drinks with a sexy guy named Tyler

Anal sex is not for everyone. It was never my thing until I went to a close friend’s party and met a guy who changed my outlook on getting fucked while drunk. Tyler and I sat on the sofa making small talk until we got on the topic of sex. I love to talk about sex more than the typical female. Probably because I own a sex store.

Tyler asked me if I enjoyed anal. I said I had tried it a few times but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I said every time I tried it, I felt too self-conscientious and couldn’t relax enough to enjoy it. He made a joke about how I should get drunk and try it. Might help me loosen up and enjoy it. I laughed him off and excused myself to use the restroom. Asked him to watch my drink until I got back.

I really liked Tyler and kind of hoping something would happen between us. I refreshed myself and walked back into the party. Tyler handed me my drink and told me to do a few shots with him. I was in a safe place, I figured why not? I downed my drink along with 4 shots of tequila.

The alcohol hit me fast. I started to sway and feel funny.

I clung to Tyler and told him I needed to lie down. He was more than willing to help me into a room. I fell onto the bed and passed out. I woke up in intervals and felt something warm and wet licking as my asshole. It felt so nice. My pussy was even being massaged at the same time. I felt really horny.

I woke up again and could feel something large inside of me. My ass was filled with Tyler’s huge cock. He was ramming his cock hard in and out of me. My clit was still being stimulated while he fucked me. My orgasm rushed in hard. I moaned and bite at the comforter. I heard him mumbling before I passed out again.

So I woke the next day with Tyler laying next to me. My ass was tender from the rough anal sex but in a good way. I reached between my legs and felt the cum still seeping out of my ass. Tyler woke up and had a smug look on his face. He knew he gave me a great experience. I just wish I was more awake to remember it all!

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