I love anal sex so much!

Anal sex is so much fun, isn’t it? I request it at least once a week. Just feeling the big cock stretching my tight little hole, mmm. It’s so good! I love anal sex almost as much as I love taboo role play and public sex fantasies!

My friend stopped by last night and it felt like so long since I had gotten anal sex, I told him I needed him to fuck my ass. He laughed at my directness and told me to lead the way.

I grabbed his hand and led him to my room.  He followed happily and I could see the bulge in his pants growing already. I climbed onto the bed, ass up in the air. He climbed up right behind me and started to pull my yoga pants down.

Once he had my thong exposed, he started kissing and licking my ass. He pressed his cock against my thigh as he kissed. I could feel how hard it was as he pushed it against me.

Finally, he pulled my thong down. He pressed his cock against my ass and started to grind against me.

I need you to fuck me

“I need you to fuck me,” I moaned.

He laughed and slid his cock into my ass. His cock felt so good in my tight little hole. He fucked me slowly at first, but then started moving faster. I loved when he really pounded my ass hard and he knew it. He started to pound me nice and hard.

I loved feeling his cock slide in and out of my ass. He grabbed a handful of my hair and really started to fuck my ass. I moaned as he fucked me harder and he got closer to filling my ass with his hot load of cum.

He started to moan as he got closer to cumming. His cock throbbed inside me and I felt his cum fill me up. Breathing hard, he collapsed next to me on the bed.

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