Anal Sex The loophole around my Virginity

Anal Sex The loophole around my Virginity. Why bust my cherry, when you can drill this beautiful ASS? Some hot Anal phone sex could get that cock popping in NO TIME!

Anal sex- why do I love it you ask? I have a bit of a unique reason on why and how I like anal sex, so much. You see, I consider myself a tiny bit classy and a bit more white trashy. Don’t worry I don’t take offense, Being the filthy anal sex loving, cum slurping slut that I am *giggles* it’s hard to offend me.

Anyway, when I was younger I was brought up in the church. Being, dressing, acting, and speaking of sex was something I was NOT supposed to do. Forbidden, if you will. I was taught from a young age that my virginity was to be saved for my husband. I was not to spread my legs until my honeymoon.

If you know me, have spoken to me.. or even just chatted with me for a bit, then you already know I’m incredibly sexual. I always have been. This idea of the way life is supposed to be was force-fed to me my entire life.

Save your virginity, save your virginity.

I guess the church didn’t realize. *GASP* We all have another HOLE. I remember being younger and barley touching my little clit, while I circled my ass with my finger, and how hot it made me. By the time, I was interested in boys, I was begging them for anal sex. After all, this wouldn’t bust my hymen. All that pressure from anal sex, feeling full and tweaking my tiny pink clit? well, I would cum over and over again.

I now love my ass being stretched, around a big fat cock. My favorite thing is a huge cock or sex toys DEEP in my pussy, with fingers fucking my ass. I SQUIRT every time.

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