I’ve been with plenty of guys and know that most of them really want to have anal sex. But then there are some guys who have never even touched an ass! I mean they look at them and maybe they’ll squeeze one but they haven’t fucked one. I thought almost all guys do this. But apparently there are still some anal virgins out there. Here is part 2!


He was ready for my ass. He spread my ass cheeks with his hands put his mouth close to my asshole. You begin to lick slowly on my asshole and I could feel him breathing deeper and harder. His cock grow harder and harder and I knew you just wanted to shove it in. I stuck my ass up in the air a little more and hands wanted him to fuck me hard. He started sticking his tongue into my asshole and I moaned lightly reaching up and pulling on my own nipple.

He got up onto his knees and I could feel him inching that cock closer to my ass. He slid his cock up against my ass cheek and I could feel him moving it over my pussy… then he moved up and slid it between my ass cheeks. He was ready and so was I. He slid his cock in between my pussy lips and got his cock really wet.. Then I could feel his cock head slip into my tight little asshole. Smiled as I could hear him gasp in pleasure. He was loving this I just knew it.

He started sliding his cock deep into my ass and I felt balls up against my pussy lips. Then he started to slowly thrust his cock deep inside of my ass, putting his head back getting as deep as he could. I giggled and began moving my ass faster for him. He got the hint started thrusting into my ass. I reach between my legs and grabbed a hold of his balls and started kneading them.

He was absolutely loving what he was feeling. And so was I. This once shy and timid young man into my tight ass. His hands began sliding up my back and I felt them in my hair.. Then he gripped onto my hair and pulled hard. He started pounding my ass and taking complete control over me. He spanked me and show me how much he loved it. Started feeling his balls twitching in my hand. He was going to blow his load into my ass and it was going to be glorious. His first time anal sex experience is something he will never ever forget…

I heard him start to moan quietly and thrust harder. I was also going to cum and it was not going to be quiet and shy. I felt it welling up in my pussy and I started moaning loud and screaming his name. I start rubbing my clit and could feel I was going to squirt all over the bed. I began patting my pussy because my insides were starting to twitch and I could feel all of my cum squirting out all over. And I had an intense orgasm as he was getting ready to cum.

I began to feel his cock twitch inside of my ass and I could feel him pounding me harder. He gripped onto my hips as he shot a big load into my tight ass. He moaned loud and fell onto my ass. I loved feeling his cum deep inside of my ass like that. I giggled and he just slipped out and fell onto the bed. He said to me, out of breath, “Fuck. I have never felt so good. I wanna do it again!” I smiled and gave him a big wet kiss.  He was happy with his first time having anal sex. And so was I.

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